The FTDX 3000

Updating the experience with this new radio:

I installed the LP-PAN SDR and the E-MU 0204 soundcard to create a panadapter with NaP3 software.  Setup went pretty well with some small problems with getting the sound card output to work properly.  These are fed to a high end ATI Radion PCI-E GPU with two digital outputs for the two Dell widescreen monitors.

This setup is installed over the top of the microHAM router which is used for SO2R with the IC-765 as the second rig.  The router permits a second CAT setup so both the Router and NaP3 can talk to the rig. Whether I am using DXLabs with spot collector or N1MM. I also set up DX Monitor on the second rig so that I can click on spots there to tune that rig to that frequency.  DXLabs and N1MM work through CAT 1 in the router and NaP3 and Dx Monitor work theoufh CAT 2 in the router.  N1MM spots can be called up from the bandmap.

I used it in the CQWWCW test and it helped to locate decent signals on 10 meters during the poor conditions on that band.

For DX purposes in the split mode listening though the soundcard is a plus. VFO A can be ported to one ear and VFO B ported to the other, just like when operating SO2R with the run in one ear and the S&P in the other. This helps you to tune the TX VFO (VFO B) to the frequency of the responding station while watching for it on the pnadapter screen.

So far so good including narrowing the IF bandwidth to 50 Hz without any ringing.  A fun setup 73 Bill W7VP


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