Yaesu FT-991 Setup for Portable Ops

I have uploaded a photo of my new Yaesu FT-991 setup in my fifth wheel trailer.  The Laptop is positioned in the tablet mode with an external wireless mouse and keyboard.  The rig is connected to the laptop using the rig USB port for CAT and sound card using a USB A/B cable.  PC CW/PTT/FSK are via a small circuit board installed in the external keyer. The circuit board is connected to a DB-9 male connector which is mounted on the back of the external keyer.  The DB9 connects to the PC through a USB to serial converter thus providing DTR, RTS and TxD for CW, PTT and FSK respectively. A  Mini Din 4 is also connected to the circuit board to feed CW/PTT and FSK to the RTTY/DATA port on the rig.

The photo shows the rig using WSJT-X and JT Alert with DX Labs functions minimized. This setup works with both DX Labs using Win Warbler and N1MM.  Both use MMTTY as an embedded application.

As you can see from the photo the cables are combined in wire looms and thus the setup is uncluttered and provides a lot of desktop space.

The entire setup including the power supply (not shown) can be stored in a Go Box for storage. The stored items include only the rig, two cable sets, the power supply, the external keyer and the paddles.  An external tuner is available with cables that also connect to the rig and is powered by the rig.  An additional cable is available to connect the rig to the battery in the trailer if AC is not available.

Where wireless internet is not available but cell service is I can attach my iPhone as a personal hot spot but that requires a USB hub unless I forego the wireless mouse and keyboard and use the keypad and PC keyboard. (Not very efficient IMHO)

I am looking forward to using this setup for Field Day and Salmon Run.



W7VPTrailer Setup


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