N7KE is the club call sign of the Radio Club of Redmond (also known as RTKCC – Redmond Top Key Contest Club). We are a relatively small and informal club of active radio amateur operators and enthusiasts living in and around Redmond, WA. We have a wide range of interests from CW, AM, contesting, DX, homebrew, QRP, QRO etc all the way to beer brewing and BBQ.

We meet once a month to share our mutual passion in our hobby, show and tell and to plan participation in ham radio contests and events. Membership is open to all amateur radio operators regardless of their level of activity or interest in specific modes of operation.

If your new to the area or new to the hobby and would like to join this lively bunch of hams, please drop us a line: RCR

Currently we meet for breakfast monthly every third Saturday [September second Saturday only] at 8am. However, come early, 7:30am to have time to talk with other hams before the official meeting begins. The follow is our new location as of the summer of 2016.


Lake Washington School District Resource Center, 16250 NE 74th Street, 1st floor, Redmond, WA 98052

(Redmond Town Center, near the Redmond Farmers Market. The doors are usually locked, thus carefully walk on the west side of the building until you see a group the looks like Radio HAMS. You might need to bang on one of the doors to get someone’s attention…)

Hope to see you there soon. Mark KB7N.

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  1. Jim Bandy’s avatar

    I be working in Redmond. I have looked on your web site for a club repeater. Do you sponsor a repeater? IF so, what is the frequency and tone?

    73 Jim K5JFB

  2. Michael KL7F’s avatar

    Plan to attend this coming Saturday.

  3. Joe Guarraaci’s avatar

    Would like to join your club. When do you meet at Panera Bread again.
    Thanks,. Joe

  4. Jeff ford’s avatar

    Hi, I’m Jeff, I live in Redmond. I am looking into getting a short wave radio to listen to cool things and I’m also curious about ham radio. I would like to know more about it. Can I listen to ham radio with a short wave radio?? Do I need a lic to have a real ham radio just to listen and not broadcast? What is a good shortwave that won’t break the bank. I have been looking at C Crain radios online. Thanks. Jeff

    ~Jeff’s iPhone~

  5. Mike Hlavaty-LaPosa’s avatar

    Hi Jeff! Yes, you can listen to ham radio transmissions with a short wave radio receiver. Anything that can receive AM or AM SSB in the HF frequencies (1.8 MHz up to 30 MHz) can hear them, since amateur radio is not allowed to be encrypted in any way.

    If you have questions about ham radio, one of the Radio Club of Redmond meetings is a good place to start. You can also come to one of our Redmond ARES Team meetings, or contact anyone on either team. Any of us would be happy to answer questions. Good Luck!

    Mike Hlavaty-LaPosa K7MHL mlaposa at msn dot com

  6. Jenna K7JNA’s avatar


    I’ve been meaning to turn up to a meeting for a while and might finally be able to make Saturday. But while you have posts about June and August, there’s nothing about July – will there be a meeting?



  7. Phil Nixon’s avatar

    I let my license expire and have been studying to have it renewed. Is there someplace in the Redmond area that administers the Technician exam?

  8. W7CF Dave’s avatar

    Lynn N7CFO has a good overview of regional classes and VE test sessions: WWA Classes & Sessions
    Also, the W7DK radio club in Tacoma is doing regular VE test sessions, see: http://w7dk.org

  9. Wayne Pommer N5WAP’s avatar

    Curious about Field Day activities. Whatcha doing?


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