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I was looking forward last summer to doing some decent contesting on 160M with an inverted L I had put up. However, I had also put up an 80M dipole close by to see if it would outperform the inverted L on 80M. The L is fed directly with an Icom AH-4 remote auto tuner. I did this purposely to have the option to work all bands in the event my other antennas failed. This was prior to erecting the tower and beams. It turned out that the dipole was better so I pulled the L down. But, of course, that made it impossible to work 160M. So another option was needed. There was still a rope in a very tall tree left over from an 80M delta loop that Steve, W7QC, had helped me put up. So prior to the Stew Perry, I pulled up 120 feet of wire and attached 10 radials along with the aforementioned auto tuner. This seemed to work pretty well for transmitting as I could work anyone I could hear. But the key word here is “hear”. Unfortunately, I live very close to a PUD right of way that has two three phase HV runs. In fact, my west property line borders this right of way. So it is a very noisy environment on 80 and 160 meters here. I’ve solved the 80 noise problem but not the 160 noise problem.

The CQWW 160 meter contest was fun. My electric fence noise was present but not as bad as it has been. I operated both nights between about 4:00 pm and midnight. The first night was much more productive than the second. I ended up with 469 contacts, 53 state/provinces and 8 countires for a final score of 71,797. I only remember calling a couple of stations that did not come back to me and only a couple of stations that I could not copy.