Managing mail reflector

Currently, 2 club members have account priviledges to manage N7KE mail settings: KB7N, W7CF. To manage mail settings, it is required to have a N7KE mailbox and a WindowsID to login to the mail server, typically it’s (your_callsign)

Via web UI:

  • in your web browser (OutlookLive behaves best with IE7/8 or newer), goto
  • make sure you’re either prompted to login or are already logged in as (your_callsign)
  • click on “Options” at upper right corner (where your call sign is displayed)
  • in the Options page, find “Select what to manage” and select “My Organization”
  • Under “Users & Groups”, select from the tabs: Mailboxes, Public Groups, External Contacts

New Members

To add new club members, go to the “External Contacts” tab and click on “New…”. As the current convention, fill in the following fields for each member:

  • First Name
  • Lase Name
  • Display Name as: First name, space, call sign in upper case
  • Alias: is always call sign
  • external e-mail address

New Board Member/Officer

For an additional mail administrator or club officer/board member, please make sure he/she has a External Contact first. Then, under the tab “Mailboxes”, click on “New…” to create a new mailbox and fill in the following information:

  • First name, Last name
  • Display Name: by convention, just the callsign
  • Windows Live ID: the LiveID will be the member’s callsign (case doesn’t matter) and
  • Password: create a temporary password, along the lines of Sea$$le1234 (be creative, don’t just copy)
  • Require password change on next login: make sure this check box is CHECKED

Send the new officer/board member the WindowsID and temporary password via private email or call.

Next, select the newly created mail account:

  • click on “Details”
  • expand the section “E-Mail Options”, it should show the (callsign) as primary email address
  • click on “Add…” to associate a secondary address with the alternate mail domain
  • enter the same callsign but now select the domain
  • click “Ok”, then “Save”

Mail Forwarding for Officers

Most of us will prefer to have email sent to the account forwarded to an existing email. To configure forwarding:

  •  from the same Options page as above, find “Select what to manage” and select “Another User…”
  • select user and click ok (BTW: no worry, privacy is maintained, none of us can see someone else’s email messages)
  • select “Organize E-Mail”
  • select tab “Inbox Rules”
  • click on “New…” to create a new inbox rule
  • in the new dialog:
    • under “When the message arrives…”, select: “[Apply to all message]
    • under “Do the following…”, select “Redirect the message to…”
    • click on “Select One”
      • in the next dialog, find and select the external contact entry for that user. Tip: enter the callsign into the search text box above the list
      • select and double click (or click the “To:” button at the bottom of the dialog) the entry that has the external, private email address listed
      • make sure at the bottom of the dialo, under Message Recipients, the expected user is listed
      • click ok
  • click Save in the previous dialog
  • close the Options window for the member