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RCR Members and Guests;
2012 will see changes in the Radio Club of Redmond monthly Saturday meeting location. We have outgrown our previous Panera Bread meeting place.
The first RCR Saturday morning meeting site hopefully will be at Crossroads, pending availability of their community meeting room. It seems that the Red Cross has already reserved the 3rd Saturday of each month for several months.
Thus, expect to see an email from us in a few days,  indicating the RCR meeting plan and date.
How do you feel about moving our Saturday meeting dates to the 2nd Saturday,  pending being able to reserve the Crossroads for that weekend, at least until the room comes available to us for the 3rd Saturday?
What if we can get a meeting place in the Redmond Town Center? Hopefully it would be available on the 3rd Saturdays. Starbucks and other establishments will at least have coffee and food of some type available.
Please post your response to Leadership.RCR@n7ke.net

Mark KB7N for the RCR Leadership.

2012 01 06