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Well, time to update the site’s K3 section.  There are now four K3 owners, W7QC, W9HXM, W7FU and me.  I understand that there may be a 5th sooner than later.

The SN for Steve’s K3 is 35.  Mine is 2757.  In that time the wait period between order and receipt has changed a lot!  Steve wait just a little over 6 months.  I ordered my on a Saturday night via the Elecraft Web site and the K3 arrived on the following Thursday.  

I didn’t think I would be able to get to it for 2 to 3 week, but thought I should at least inventory the parts.  Once everything was spread out I decided to at least put one thing together.  Big mistake!  By the following Saturday I had made QSO!  So less than a week for order to use.  And the build was relaxing and enjoyable.  Only made one easily corrected faux-pas.

I am really enjoying the rig whenever I get a chance to use it. 

At the last club meeting I was having fun with a pun – adding a 3 after the K in RTKCC.  Sort of a sub-club.  Here’s he badge that grew out of that bit of fun.

 RTK3CC Badge


My K3 was delivered on Nov 7th around noon. I had it assembled and was making contacts by 8:00 pm that evening. I plan to bring it to the Nov breakfast for show and tell and should be able to hook it up to my mobile antenna for a demonstration.

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Today I received word that my K3 has shipped. It will be here on Wednesday, November 7th. So just a bit over 6 months since I placed my order. Since it is a kit, i will have to assemble it when it arrives. My estimate is 6 to 8 hours to have it fully assembled.

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The first K3 was shipped on Tuesday, October 9, 2007. I have heard nothing regarding my order but expect to get it in the next couple of weeks. I have the Assembly manual and the Operators Manual so I have some reading until the radio arrives.

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